Norwegian Women’s Equality Victory

A new landmark agreement for Women in Sport has been reached in Norway where the country’s football association will now pay Men and Women players the same financial compensation for representing their country.

The amount paid into the pool for the Women’s national teams will almost double from 3.1 million Norwegian Krona to 6 million. Around 20 percent of the amount is being contributed by the Men’s team from the players pool they have into which money paid for commercial endorsements is paid.

“Norway is a country where equal standing is very important for us, so I think it is good for the country and for the sport,” said Joachim Walltin of the Norwegian Players Union speaking to Irish Journalist Philip O’Connor in Stockholm over the weekend.

Equality in sport is becoming ever more of a ‘hot button’ topic with Irish players securing better terms earlier this year, the same happening in the United States in April and Denmark having to cancel an international friendly against European Champions the Netherlands only last month in a dispute over payments.

Rob Hartnett of Sport for Business will Chair a major discussion on Diversity in Sport at the One-Zero Conference taking place in Dublin on October 17th. US Soccer Star Hope Solo will also be one of the Keynote Speakers at the event.

National team winger Caroline Graham Hansen took to Instagram to thank her male colleagues for their donation.

“Thank you for making this step for female athletes. For showing equality and helping us all, making it a bit easier, to chase our dreams,” she wrote alongside a picture of the men’s side.

Sport is one of the few areas where such a wide disparity exists between the respect afforded to Men and Women in terms of profile, media coverage, and support.

The gap is shrinking however and that is being driven by a greater understanding among the general population of the amount of work that goes into preparing to play at the highest level.

Last month a new record attendance for a Women’s sporting fixture was achieved at Croke Park when over 46,000 attended the Final of the TG4 All Ireland Ladies Football Final. This was the largest attendance anywhere in the world this year for a Women’s fixture and TV audiences were also up substantially.

Tomorrow morning Sport for Business will launch a new Mentoring Network linking Women in Business with Women in Sport to create new support structures which will accelerate the momentum behind Women;s sport here in Ireland.

The active involvement of the Norwegian Men’s team in the agreement reached in that country is an example of how those in a position to make an impact can do so for the greater good.

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