Nutritics Hits 100 Milestone

Nutritics new websiteIrish Nutrition specialist Nutritics has reached a major milestone with the service now being used by partners in 100 countries around the world.

Established in Ireland in 2013 it has built a global reputation as the best software for analysing food and nutrition that there is on the market.

Sport has been a major driver with clients including Manchester City, Chelsea, the GAA and the English Institute of Sport from which Sports Scientist Stephanie Shreeve describes it as “the best nutrition software there is.”

It also works closely with education institutions, providing tools for the ongoing development of food science to organisations including UCD and Oxford University.

The importance of understanding what food does to the body is a major area for health services with labelling of food an increasing priority for Governments and regulators around the world.

The reputation and reach which Nutritics is building will position it well for advances in this area over the coming years.

Nutritics is a member of the Sport for Business Community since 2014.  To find out more about what we might do for your organisation click here.

The 100th international territory in which partnerships have been signed became a reality recently when Nutritics commenced working with a healthcare client in Antigua and Barbuda.

“We are pleased to reach this significant landmark,” said CEO Damian O’Kelly.

“We are expanding into a new territory on average once every ten days. When my brother and I sat down at our kitchen table three years ago, we had no idea that what we were planning would become such an international success.”

“Our company prides itself on our culture of innovation, customer experience and hard work and I’m pleased to see this translate into such strong growth.

“Whilst this milestone is important, we are still at the start of what is a very exciting journey. Our recent innovations, which include a proprietary method to analyse nutrient cooking losses and inedible waste, highlight that we will continue to innovate fast to exceed our client’s expectations.”

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