O’Donovan’s Starring on Red Bull TV

Another day brings another level of broadcast excellence to keep us occupied into the small hours.

Olympic Silver medallist Gary and Paul O’Donovan get top billing from Red Bull TV this week with ‘From the Back of Beyond’ now streaming on the digital entertainment service.

Red Bull’s new communications specialist Sophie Eustace, lately of WHPR was on email this afternoon to tempt us with these five programmes, all bearing the brands familiar edge.

1. O’Donovan Brothers: From the Back of Beyond

Irish brothers Gary and Paul O’Donovan grew up in Skibbereen which is home to about 2,000 people. The brothers’ training equipment and gear is all primarily homemade, but their drive and love of rowing took them to the 2016 Olympic Games.

Now streaming: O’Donovan Brothers: From the Back of Beyond

2. Emil – Every Mystery I have Lived: The Next Chapter

Still battling to keep on top of his autoimmune disease, we tap into the mindset of MTB slopestyle champion Emil Johansson as he prepares to regain his title in 2020.

Now streaming: Emil – Every Mystery I have lived: The Next Chapter

3. Jeder Mann: This is Salzburg

Get the lowdown on how FC Red Bull Salzburg won six league titles in a row and fought their way to qualifying for a thrilling Champions League campaign.

Now streaming: Jeder Mann: This is Salzburg

4. Karl Meltzer: Made to be Broken

Ultrarunner Karl Meltzer has long dreamed of setting the speed record for crossing the USA’s Appalachian Trail. Now he sets out for his third and final attempt to run the 3,524km (2,188 miles) in less than 46 days, 8 hours and 6 minutes.

Now streaming: Karl Meltzer: Made to be Broken

5. Against the Odds

In August 2018, Team OG found themselves competing for the biggest prize in gaming – US$12 million. However, just two months earlier the team was in tatters.

Now streaming: Against the Odds

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