Olympic Success down to Team Sleeps and Lots of Beer

We have been enjoying the New York Times coverage of the Winter Olympics via their daily news blast gathering up some of the stories and the personalities gathering the headlines in Pyeongchang.

It’s the headline that have caught the eye and keep us coming back for more.

Over the last three days three in particular that have made us smile are:

The Ski Team that Sleeps Together Wins a Lot of Gold Medals Together

This lists some of the ways that the Norway team has created a culture of victory which has made them one of the most successful Winter Olympic nations of all times.

First and foremost is ‘not being a jerk’.  “We believe there is no good explanation or justification for why you have to be a jerk to be a good athlete, so we just won’t have that kind of thing on our team,” according to Kjetil Jansrud.

Or how about German Olympians Drink a Lot of (Nonalcoholic) Beer and Win a Lot of Gold Medals 

German brewer Krombacher has shipped 3,500 litres of non-alcoholic beer out to the Athletes village to accommodate a trend in Germany where a number of athletes use it as a substitute for sports nutrition drinks.

“A lot of companies tried to associate beer, especially nonalcoholic beer, and sports,” said German team doctor Johannes Scherr, “But there wasn’t any scientific background behind it.”

Scherr conducted a double-blind study, financed by a brewing company, in which he gave runners in the 2009 Munich Marathon nonalcoholic beer every day for three weeks before and two weeks after the race. These runners suffered significantly less inflammation and fewer upper respiratory infections after the race than runners who had been given a placebo.

“This was pretty surprising to us,” said Scherr, who published the results in the peer-reviewed journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.

They say it’s a good thing to learn something new every day so that was our learning from yesterday.

However, just in case you thought the Germans were just too efficient for their own good it has to be reported as well that the same Krombacher brewery has shipped out 11,000 litres of its somewhat more alcohol imbued variety.

This is no doubt to help celebrate the number of medals they have won through training on the other stuff.


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