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Shane Lowry 21/10/2016“We made a simple invitation to the world of sport to come to Dublin and discuss the future of sport, and they came.”

Those were the words of Sport for Business founder and co-founder of One Zero Rob Hartnett on stage before a packed RDS on Friday as the inaugural One Zero Conference drew together senior figures from the sports, technology and business worlds.

“This was an exceptional conference,” said Head of Innovation and Technology with the US Olympic Committee, Mounir Zok who spoke of the ways in which athletes and sporting bodies needed to identify the areas of greater potential gain.  “Thank you for the opportunity to be part of it.”

“This was very enjoyable on multiple levels,” added Daniel Kings who had flown in to represent the Aspetar Sports Academy in Qatar. “It has really delivered on what was promised.”

Donna Kivirauma of TeamUp was one of the finalists in the Bank of Ireland Sponsored Start Up Competition which drew together 30 of the best and brightest new companies in sports tech from around the world.

“I noticed a red thread in the many great presentations and that was Passion. As John Kavanagh, the amazing coach of Conor McGregor, said, “you have to absolutely love what you do if you want to be the best”.”

“It takes passion to put in the long hours day in and day out. Passion is the thing that makes the Perseverance a little bit easier. This is true for startups too and for that matter anything else you do in life.”

“The team at One-Zero definitely possessed the 4- P’s of Passion, Purpose, perseverance and Positive Thinking to pull off such a great first time event,” added Kivirauma.

“When things didn’t go as planned, like the cancellation of Lance Armstrong at the last minute, they pulled together and completed the days line-up with great content.”

“They never gave up, stayed passionate about their purpose to put on a world class sport tech event and used positive thinking to solve the challenges of the day.”

From Shane Lowry who kicked off the day, through John Kavanagh who impressed everyone with his calm demeanour, intelligent analysis and easy charm; Sir Clive Woodward who gave great insight into the mindset needed to become a real world class performer and Jaimie Fuller who took on the mantle of defending the use of characters like Lance armstrong and Ben Johnson to get a message across about doing things better and spoke with real passion about his purpose, this was a day of many highlights.

We will be sharing some of those highlights over the coming weeks as we sit down to look at what you thought of the event and how we can grow it to fill the space it has begun to dig out on the global calendar of sports business events.

For now though here is a selection of the thoughts you shared through the day…

Thanks to our partners at Failte Ireland, Ogilvy, Enterprise Ireland, Bank of Ireland, the RDS, WeeBox, Atomic Sport and so many more who helped create something a bit special for the world of sport and the City of Dublin.

As a final thought for now let us know what you would like to see from One Zero events in the future and lets work together to make this a great event for Ireland

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