Para Swimming Signs Up Blanchardstown Centre

Blanchardstown Centre, one of Ireland’s leading shopping, leisure and retail parks, has been unveiled as an Official Supporter of the World Para Swimming Allianz European Championships.

The championships are almost upon us, getting underway on Monday, August 13th, and will see the best para swimmers from across Europe come to Dublin to compete across seven days of competition.

As part of the agreement between Blanchardstown Centre and the Local Organising Committee of Dublin 2018, the Centre has agreed to provide vital advertising throughout the centre, as pictured above, together with a significant financial contribution towards the cost of the championships.

It is an important partnership to forge given the likelihood of an increasing number of national and international events being staged at the Sport Ireland National Sports Campus.

The Westfield Centre in Stratford was a major hub for the London Olympic Games in 2012 and all major events have a central retail and food centre to which spectators can repair to before, after and in between events.

400 athletes will begin to arrive in Dublin from today to put the final touches to their preparations for the biggest para swimming event taking place in the world this year.

Competition gets underway on Monday at 10 am with Irish swimmer, James Scully, set to compete in the very first heat as he takes to the pool in the Men’s 200m Freestyle S5 event.

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“It is a great boost to announce Blanchardstown Centre as official supporters of the World Para Swimming Allianz European Championships,” said Miriam Malone, Chairperson of the World Para Swimming Allianz European Championships Local Organising Committee.

“The centre is located within walking distance of the Sport Ireland National Aquatic Centre and is likely to be a focal point for spectators interests between sessions throughout the week.”

“We are delighted to lend our support to the World Para Swimming Allianz European Championships,” added Joe Gavin, General Manager of the Blanchardstown Centre.

“We would like to take this opportunity to send a warm welcome to the 400 athletes taking part in the event, as well as all their support teams, family and friends,” said Joe Gavin, General Manager of the Blanchardstown Centre.


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Image Credit: Paralympics Ireland

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