Playback on Webinar with Paddy Power and Leopardstown

In our latest Live Sport for Business Webinar, we were joined by Paul Mallon of Paddy Power and Vicki Donlon of Leopardstown for a look into the detail of the planning and execution around Paddy Power’s first year of sponsoring the main event at the Dublin Racing Festival.

It was a really good session with great insight into the way in which discussions take place between the rights holder and sponsor to explore not just what is available on the list of assets but how they can be adapted and improved in order to build over time in a long term relationship.

The presentation touched on Paddy Powers motivation to get involved and how they sought to make it work as well as how the different activation plans came to life.

We followed up with a Q and A session from the virtual floor where we also explored the world of sponsorship in a behind closed doors environment.

“If attendance is allowed you have to be tonally appropriate but if customer engagement simply falls off a cliff you would have to look at deals being renegotiated around that different environment.”

Here are the highlights from the session.

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