Premier League Back With a Bang

Top Flight Football will be back in the middle of June barring a sharp reversal in the recovery from the grip of COVID-19.

The Premier League season in England will provisionally restart on Wednesday 17th June, with the Italian Serie A and Christiano Ronaldo returning three days later.

With 92 Premier League matches of the current season remaining, Sky Sports have revealed that they will show 64 of them, 25 free to air including four which they have also released onto the BBC.

Sky Sports will also launch a host of innovative new features and updates to give fans an even more immersive experience and share the moments live with family and friends on virtual platforms.

Next week on Sport for Business we will look at a number of ways in which stadia have been planning to bring atmosphere to the empty stadia.

We will also talk with Sky Sports about some of those innovations as they come into the public domain.

“Sky Sports strives to be sport’s best partner, and our desire to connect football fans to more of what they love has never been stronger,” said Sky Sports Managing Director Rob Webster.

Liverpool need six points to win the Premier League for the first time in the Premier League era. Between 1972 and 1990 they won the title eleven times, only finishing outside the top two on one occasion.

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