Pundit Arena Reveal Viewing Figures for Barbarians

It’s not always about the biggest numbers when it comes to broadcast interaction.

When Pundit Arena took the plunge and decided to buy the rights to broadcast the Barbarians match at Thomond Park against Samoa, as well as the first ever Women’s Barbarians match against Munster, they were making a statement about their potential as a rising force in sports media beyond the delivery of an online news service.

The number of viewers was never likely to come even remotely close to the 1.7 million who tuned in for some or all of the Ireland Vs Denmark World Cup Qualifier on RTÉ Television but in comparison to some of the paywall broadcasts of the biggest sporting events all the way to the Champions’ League a figure of just short of 10,000 watching the game through the Pundit Arena site was an impressive start.

Revealing figures for the first time and exclusively here on Sport for Business, Pundit Arena co-founder told us that 72 percent of the viewers tuned in via desktop and 28 percent on mobile.

The Barbarians are a storied team with a long reach back in the history of the sport and that may explain the higher than expected proportion of viewers in the 25-44 age bracket at 49 percent.

Another 16 percent came from the 45-54 age group while younger adults between 18 and 24 accounted for 20 percent.

The viewership was biased towards males as well accounting for 68 percent of the overall audience.

With the deal being signed only a week before the live broadcast the amount of pre-promotion was limited but a mix of online and social media activation meant that the message did get through and left the Pundit Arena team with plenty of data to chew on as well as an appetite for more.

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