Putting a Pep in your Business Step

Corporate interest in the wellbeing of staff is a major trend of recent times and becoming ever more important. It is driven by an understanding that a physically and mentally fit group of employees will be better set to deliver what is needed and better disposed towards remaining with the company.

We had an opportunity to talk yesterday with Bernard Brogan at the launch of an exciting new corporate challenge being enabled by Peptalk, the company he founded with his cousin James and which is very much at the heart of this trend.

“Peptalk has developed over the past year through working with a number of companies and determining with them what are the tools that their staff need to be their best.”

“We have been working with Deutsche Bank and their 750 employees. The workplace is no different to a sports team where we are offered opportunities to improve different aspects of our game.”

“We have developed an application through which we will push tips on areas like nutrition, meditation, physical exercise and other elements that can impact on people. It’s like having a bespoke personal coach in their pocket and the app is adaptable to suit the particular needs of different groups.”

“An important part of the appeal is in the team challenges we create. I’ve played with Dublin for a long time and when I go to the Gym on my own as opposed to with the group there is a different level of motivation and encouragement.”

“The challenges in Peptalk are designed to foster genuine support and encouragement.”

“We have been active as well with Littlewoods Ireland, Santander and Paypal and the All Ireland Games are a vehicle to introduce people to the concept in a fun fashion.”

“We’ll have leaderboards that will pitch teams against each other but not in a formal setting that takes time to organise. Your contribution to the team is done on your terms. We want to encourage teams to encourage each other. That could be by way of doing a walking meeting as opposed to sitting behind your desks all the time.”

“The competition is free. It will be fun as well as beneficial and we will have a Peptalk team in there as well with myself, Jenny Murphy, Michael Fennelly, Ailis McSweeney, Louise Quinn and Rosemary Smith.”

Ireland rugby international Jenny Murphy is part of the PepTalk dream team and she was also at the launch yesterday.

“In addition to really enjoying playing for Ireland, I have also received a great education in terms of leading a healthy active lifestyle and the benefits this can have. “

“To perform at your best, whether that’s in sport or in the office you have to take care of yourself and physical activity, good nutrition, practising mindfulness these are all increasingly important as our lives become more hectic.”

“These games are a great way to kick off 2018 and the technology will enable a fun competitive way to kick-start your healthy lifestyle for 2018.”

The Challenge kicks off on January 31st, giving time to get people into the zone at a time when the best will of new year, new me resolutions are beginning to wane and entry can be made here.

You’d never know there may even be a Sport for Business team lurking in there somewhere, bringinging together friends we have been working with over the past year…


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