Rashford Campaign Shows Power and Purpose

Premier League footballers are often dismissed for their seeming distance from the reality of everyday life but Marcus Rashford of Manchester United is the latest to take a stand on social issues and make a £120 million difference to children living in poverty.

His intervention and public appeal against the ending of family food supports once english schools break up has resulted in a Government u-turn and praise for his actions across the sporting and wider social community.

The power of a platform has rarely been seen to such effect. Once the news emerged that the scheme was being stopped, despite the hardship being felt by the 1.5 million children who benefited from the service, Rashford took to Twitter.

It was following a campaign he started back in March when he tweeted

It wasn’t just a tweet and forget moment though.  This was personal as Rashford had benefitted himself from system that provides meals to children in disadvantaged areas.

The service continued with Rashford also making significant personal donations to the FareShare campaign.

Now due to his persistence and consistency of message it will carry on through the summer months as well.

He has used his power with purpose and to great effect.

Rashford’s campaign will be one of the international case studies we will highlight as part of our Sport for Business Sport for Social Good Report and engagement for 2020, kicking off next month.


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