Revealing the 16 Hopefuls in the Sport for Business Super Quiz 2020

We are excited to reveal this morning the 16 Sport for Business members that will be battling it out over the coming weeks to be crowned as the Sport for Business Super Quiz Champions of 2020.

It will bring teams of three into head to head competition in a format built out of the twists and turns of our new online working environment.

We are looking forward to it being fun but also introducing a sense of competition back into our offering.

Each of the ties will be recorded and played back on Sport for Business so you can join in as well, just as though you were watching The Chase, University Challenge or, for those of older vintage, Quicksilver.

We have big guns in the pot for the draw which will take place at 11 AM tomorrow morning and be broadcast out as an ‘as live’ premiere on Sport for Business.

RTÉ and Off the Ball are in there alongside Pundit Arena making up a strong media contingent.

Agencies will be looking for an edge over their competition as well with Teneo, Wilson Hartnell, Core, Titan Experience and Legacy Communications all in the mix.

The GAA has a team in as does Paralympics Ireland, GAA Handball and Leopardstown Racecourse.

The line up going into the round of 16 is completed by teams from Dublin City Council, AIG, 2Into3 and Cara.

The open draw may not have the gravitas of GAA president John Horan in the Morning Ireland studio but these are the strangest of days and we are looking forward to doing our part to raise a smile and uncover hidden depths across our teams.

The Draw will be shown at 11 AM tomorrow with the opening contests taking place next Wednesday and Friday.


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