Role Modelling Hydration with the FAI

It’s a busy week for sponsors to get their messages out through players in rugby, football and GAA and Celtic Pure, the official hydration partner to the FAI have used research to get their story out.

One figure that stood out from the research is that 24 per cent of parents said that their children do no sport at all.  In order to address this 77 per cent feel that sporting activity should be compulsory in schools.

76 per cent of parents in the 45-54 age bracket agree with the introduction of PE as a Leaving Cert subject which is being rolled out for the first time this year.

There was an obvious theme of the importance of hydration in the questioning as well with 49 per cent of parents unaware of much water their children should be drinking and 32 per cent unaware of how much the children were actually drinking.

Leading Nutritionist and Celtic Pure Irish Spring Water Hint of Fruit ambassador, Elsa Jones, advises
“By the time you feel thirsty your body is already dehydrated, said nutritionist and Celtic Pure ambassador Elsa Jones.

“Children often need to be reminded and encouraged to drink water to stay hydrated. Often, they don’t like drinking plain water and prefer juice drinks or squashes which can be high in sugars and/or artificial sweeteners.”

“Encourage your child to drink at least 500ml of water throughout the school day, more if they are playing sport. Water with a hint of fruit can really enhance the taste of plain water and make it more appealing for children.”

On a lighter and more random note, Christiano Ronaldo emerged as the favourite player of 21 per cent of those questioned ahead of Lionel Messi in second on 19 per cent and Roy Keane in third at 14 per cent.

The historic theme in relation to Irish football is also buoyed by 25 per cent of respondents saying that Italia 90 was their ‘purest’ sporting memory.


Image Credit: Ramsey Cardy, Sportsfile

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