Rowkyo a Smart Exercise in Success Readiness

Rowkyo is a new initiative from Rowing Ireland aimed at preparing for a surge in interest that could emerge from a successful appearance at the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer.

Rowing in the Olympics is scheduled for the last week of July 2020 and Ireland has qualified four boats. Irish Times / Sport Ireland Sportswoman of the Year Sunita Puspure will travel to Tokyo as a Double World Champion and will be among those with a serious chance of a medal if everything goes right.

In all previous Olympics, there has been a surge in sport. In 2016, Rowing Ireland saw significant interest in the sport from the success of the O’Donovan brothers. This initiative is aimed at helping clubs to be prepared for the same thing to happen again.

Clubs who sign up to Rowkyo will receive:

  • Advance workshops and introductory coaching courses in specific areas.
  • Support throughout 2020 activating women in your club under our Women in Sport (coaching and officiating) programme.
  • Branded promotional material – posters, leaflets etc.
  • Planning and support for Work with clubs who sign up to Rowkyo 2020 to support/organise and plan learn to row sessions.
  • Support over Rowkyo Club Festival of Rowing (8th of August)
  • Media packs for clubs
  • Club and events promotion through the Rowing Ireland Website and direct links to Rowkyo clubs.
  • Partnership with #20×20 as they launch their club charters

The Olympics are a mad busy time for any sport that is involved.  It is also a once in four years opportunity to get the full attention of the nation.

Being prepared for success and distributing that readiness across the clubs where the first point of contact and the sustained interest is likely to be, is a smart way of getting ready well in advance.

Image Credit: Rowing Ireland

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