RTÉ World Cup Sponsors Revealed

RTÉ’s broadcast coverage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup is to be split three ways this year for the first time.

Hyundai who took the coverage of the Rio 2014 World Cup on an exclusive basis are back again but with a lower budget and so the idea was born to make the sponsorship available to multiple sponsors in the same way as coverage is seen as part of RTÉ’s coverage of the GAA Championships or indeed the UEFA Champions’ League.

Avantcard and Remus Uomo will be the other two brands who we will be seeing on bumper stings in and out of programming and across digital platforms.

Avantcard is a major spanish consumer finance company who arrived in Ireland in 2012 with the purchase of MBNA and still operates from Carrick on Shannon in Leitrim.  The company employs 200 staff in Ireland and has recently announced it is to take over the credit card services offered by Tesco.

Remus Uomo is a menswear fashion brand established in 1991 by Belfast based Douglas & Grahame.  They have stores in Ballymena, Galway, Belfast and since last year on St Stephens Green in Dublin.

The firm also produces suits that are sold across 350 independent retailers and have also opened retail stores in Britain and Latvia.

The Republic of Ireland’s failure to qualify for the Finals will have reduced the amount that RTÉ might have otherwise hoped to secure for the Broadcast sponsorship rights but it will still be the biggest independently negotiated sponsorship deal in sport for the national broadcaster this year.

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