Rugby Clubs Earn €500,000 Draw Bonanza

Over €500,000 has been raised for Rugby clubs across the country over recent months as part of the Your Club Your Country draw operated by the IRFU.

The concept is simple that the Governing Body arranges for prizes from a group of sponsors that collectively make up into a very strong prize offering.

They then print the tickets with an agreed closing date and distribute them to every club in the country.

It is down to each club to organise the sale of their 1,000 tickets at a cost of €10 each through players, families and in their local community. The club get to keep all the proceeds of the ticket sales.

This year’s total is down a bit on recent years. Four times since it first began in 2011 the revenue has nudged through 600,000. In 2013 it dipped to 530,000 but each year since then it has see-sawed between just over and just under the 600,000 mark. Last year it generated €580,000.

It is still though a massive benefit with each club having the ability to generate €10,000 of income from a relative little effort on their part.  That’s a fair few bag packing exercises or hikes up the mountain.

No one club on its own could pull in the kind of prizes that make it so attractive with this year’s top prizes including a trip to the World Cup in Japan donated by Vodafone, and nine other prizes donated by Aer Lingus, Elverys Intersport, Aldi, Volkswagen, the Hospitality Partnership, Aviva, Canterbury, Guinness and the IRFU themselves.

The winners were announced this week with the top prize heading west having been sold through Ballinasloe and indeed the top four prizes all going to clubs on the Western side of the country in Galway, Clare and Kerry.

Since the inception of the IRFU ‘Your Club, Your Country’ Grand Prize Draw, over €4.5 million euro has been raised by clubs with the help of the IRFU and IRFU sponsors.

The draw was made in the Aviva Stadium today by IRFU President Ian McIlrath and overseen by an independent auditor from Grant Thornton, Cathal Kelly.

“The ‘Your Club, Your Country’ grand draw has proved to be a fantastic fundraising platform for clubs,” said McIlraith.

“The support of the IRFU’s partners has helped in making this scheme a success and raised over 4.5 million euro for clubs over the past few years.”


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