Run 2020 for Greater Good

Sight charity Orbis Ireland has launched a new running challenge to raise vital funds for its vision restoring work in Ethiopia.

Orbis has recruited a number of companies across Ireland to encourage their employees to get involved in a virtual run linked into fundraising platform Everyday Hero.

Companies are promoting fitness by getting their employees to sign up to Run 20/20 which involves participants running for at least 20 minutes every day for 20 days throughout October.

The beauty of Run 20/20 is that runners have complete control as to when and where they run. Whether it’s in the gym, at a local park or part of an organised run like ParkRun – it all counts as long as it’s for at least 20 minutes per day over 20 days during October.

Online fundraising platform, Everyday Hero, has worked with the charity to create a unique website to track distances, with a leaderboard showing who has travelled the furthest and how much money is being raised.

Each individual participant is being asked to raise a minimum of €80 to support Orbis’ sight-saving work in Ethiopia. That amount covers the cost of sight-saving surgeries on 12 people at immediate risk of blindness or of treating 500 people with an antibiotic to tackle blinding infections

For more than 30 years, Orbis has helped countries build the skills and resources they need to address the problem of avoidable blindness. It’s latest flying eye hospital is the third since the project started and was donated to the charity by FedEx.

The charity operates around the world and hopefully, the success of the Run 20/20 programme developed in Ireland will be replicated in other parts of the world over time.

It is a great example of how companies and individuals can come together to create a project that delivers real impact to those who need it most.

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