Russian Anti Doping Back in Spotlight

Sport Ireland is once again to the fore in calling out the ‘likely manipulation’ of the anti-doping system by Russian authorities.

The russian Anti-Doping Agency was admitted back into the World Ani Doping Agency (WADA) fold at the end of last year on the basis of providing full disclosure on laboratory data to international investigators.

On Monday WADA announced that it had given the Russian Ministry of Sport and the country’s Anti-Doping Agency RUSADA three weeks to respond to reports of inconsistencies in the data supplied.

The data is central to the ability of WADA completing investigations against RUSADA and also to the prosecution of ongoing cases against Russian athletes.

Any proven manipulation of this data would lead to the imposition of stringent sanctions, including the banning of Russia from the Olympic Games in 2020, as was the case, at least under their own country’d flag in 2016.

“Enough is enough,” said Sport Ireland CEO John Treacy in a statement yesterday. “Here we see again all the signs of Russia having likely attempted to manipulate the anti-doping system.”

“We trust that the new compliance procedures will be implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible so that we see an immediate outcome upon conclusion of the process, with appropriate sanctions implemented as a matter of urgency.”

“Russia delayed release of the data in January 2019 and the official response was very lenient. Any further obstruction should lead to a strong and meaningful response to this latest scandal.”

“Sport Ireland now expects that WADA, the IOC and all other International Sports Federations will consider the appropriate sanctions in the event that it is found that the laboratory data has been manipulated.”

“Irish athletes and their international competitors must be able to trust that Russia, and indeed all nations, operate their anti-doping programmes to a high standard,” added Dr Una May, Sport Ireland Director of Particiaption and Ethics.

“Compliance with global standards of fairness and integrity in sport are minimum requirements that athletes should expect.”

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