RWC2019 – Unveiling England

Ireland face England at twickenham this weekend with key decisions on the final 31 players to travel to Japan still to be confirmed by the management team.

Ireland will make their call on the final squad on Monday, September 9th but England have chosen a different path naming their squad early and in advance of the warm up games.

They named the squad last week with an unveil on social media channels that was significantly different from the reading of a list of names.

Manager Eddie Jones teed up the announcement by talking about the importance of your first club and how, in so many ways, that defines your future in the sport.

The video then goes through each of the 31 man squd in turn with images, video and interviews with coaches, parents and friends highlighting the joourney the players have come on since their earliest days in the sport.

It has been viewed 137,000 times on YouTube, 401,000 times on Twitter and 240,000 times on Facebook and sets the tone with real style for the country to get to know and really get behind the players.

The length of the video at more than ten minutes breaks most of what are considered the ‘rules’ of social engagement but the response from England fans and the respect from others around the world indicates it was a good investment on the part of the Rugby Football Union.

Join us again tomorrow and every day through to the Rugby World Cup Final as we look at the tournament from a Sport for Business perspective, supported by our friends at Bank of Ireland.


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