#SayYesIRL for Women’s Sport


Thank you for the warm initial support for the #SayYesIRL Campaign both here, on social media and in personal feedback.

We have now committed to six key deliverable elements of the campaign and will bring those to life, with the help of you our members and supporters over the next 100 days.

Women’s sport in the UK attracts less than half of one percent of commercial support going into sport.

It merits only seven per cent of overall sports media coverage.

Yet 61% of the population want to see more.

Sport for Business has launched a campaign to #SayYesIRL for greater awareness, support and respect for Women’s sport here in Ireland and around the world.

We will work alongside international organisations like the Women’s Sport and Fitness Foundation and help sports, prospective commercial partners, players and fans to make a statement that Women’s sport deserves better, and a meaningful difference to how that might be.

We are asking you to express your support by ‘signing’ the response below. Together we can make a better future for Women’s sport.

We can do that regardless of our own gender, whether we are runners, players, fighters or coaches

We can do it as teachers, as parents, as brothers, sisters, as people who care that 83% of 16-19 year old boys played sport last week, but only 66% of girls.

If the disparity of opportunity existed in any other field such as healthcare or education there would be a national outrage.

We want to make things better.

We will survey Ireland’s sporting bodies and institutions to discover what initiatives they are undertaking to promote greater involvement and coverage of women in sport.

We will bring together a group of individuals from sport, business and society to collectively consider what needs to be done to make a difference one step at a time.

We will build a list of the most influential Women in Irish sport today and work with them to build a bigger platform for the involvement of half of our population.

We will work with media outlets to encourage a greater commitment to coverage of Women’s sport. Six headlines out of 117 across our three main newspapers online services this morning related to Women’s sport.

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