Sexton Out Front with Mace Kindness

With International Rugby back front and centre stage Mace is the latest brand to put an ambassador in front of the media and benefit from the afterglow.

Yesterday it was Conor Murray talking about his rehab at an event organised by Pinergy, today it is Johnny Sexton downplaying the potential impact of any post World Cup departure by Joe Schmidt.

he is naturally spread across most of the national media this morning the quid pro quo being that a few words and images are used to talk about the fact that Sexton is to be the face of a new advertising and social media campaign for Mace, Ireland’s longest-serving convenience brand.

He will also head up a series of community initiatives for the retailer but in his own gear rather than that of Ireland who have an existing partnership in the food retail sector with Aldi.

“We are very excited to have Johnny signed up to be the face of Mace for the next two years,” said Daniel O’Connell, MACE Sales Director.

“It is a major coup for the Mace brand and we are thrilled that our work together will be community focused, encouraging children and families to lead a healthy, active lifestyle filled with acts of kindness.”

“Mace retailers are very proud of how they contribute positively to the communities they serve, and Johnny also is a great role model for young people in communities all over Ireland.”

Part of the promotion to run over the next two weeks involves giving people the chance to win an exclusive training session with Sexton for their local school or rugby club.

It is based on asking people to do a random act of kindness and telling the brand about it via an online application.

“I am really looking forward to seeing the wide range of thoughtful and spontaneous acts performed by people in communities all around the country,” said Sexton.

“I am genuinely proud to be working with Mace in promoting this positive community initiative throughout every town and village in Ireland.”

Nothing wrong with that at all, and very much in line with our own recent initiative around Sport for Social Good.

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