Smarter Driving Gets Dubs Approval

How many kilometres do sporting players, supporters and parents put on over the course of a sporting year? If you are nodding and saying way too many then AIG may have just the App for you.

It is a telematic app which assesses your driving over 1000 kilometres in 60 days and gives you feedback over how good of a driver you actually are as opposed to how good you think you are.

Dublin PwC All-Stars Johnny Cooper and Lauren Magee as well as Jake Malone and Ali Twomey were out at the Sport Ireland National Arena to launch the app yesterday and it is bound to be appealing to anyone in high performance who is used to the idea of self measurement to improve performance.

If you know you are being measured you will behave better and that has to be a good thing for all those using the road during the festive period.

You have access to your score throughout and the higher the score the better the chance of qualifying for discounts. Any driver can download, regardless of insurer and you’d never know just like supermarket retailers will sometimes honour others discounts it may be a case that you could get something off by showing how good a driver you really are.

“The uniqueness of our new AIG SmartLane app is that any driver can download and use it for free,” said AIG’s Aidan Connaughton. “You don’t have to be an AIG customer to use it and take part in the SmartLane challenge.”

“Our hope is that more drivers will use telematics solutions, reaping the benefit of driving more carefully and ultimately saving on their car insurance costs.”

At Sport for Business we have long believed that the measured self which is far more accepted in sport will eventually lead to advantages in health insurance as well as general health and this is another step in the direction of personalised offerings based on sharing information about your life.

Privacy campaigners will be reluctant and if you’re a bad driver you’ll have no interest. But then if you’re a bad driver maybe you should. Being better than your previous self should be a universal aim in every way…


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