SPEAKing Out on Participation

Almost €17.2 million was invested in the LSP network in 2016, making it one of the main conduits through which state funding to support sport and physical activity flows.

Each year for the past ten Sport Ireland has published an annual Strategic, Planning, Evaluation and Knowledge Report (Speak) which highlights the work of the past and the direction of the future.

The SPEAK report provides an overview of the work of the 29 LSPs across the country and highlights the innovative good practice projects and programmes that are being operated locally.

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This year’s report highlights that almost 300,000 people took part in 860 locally delivered participation programmes and that 1,251 clubs were supported in the delivery of those programmes.

“The Local Sports Partnership Network carries out vital work in increasing participation, particularly among those sectors of society which are underrepresented in sport,” said Minister of State for Tourism and Sport Brendan Griffin.

“This work is making a substantial contribution to the health and welfare of individuals, communities and the nation.”

“Today’s report puts a spotlight on the many innovative local projects which are being undertaken by the Local Sports Partnerships across the country which enable all citizens the opportunity to take part in a wide range of sport and physical activities.”

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“One of Sport Ireland’s key priorities for the LSP network is the sustainable development within the local sports infrastructure,” added Sport Ireland CEO, John Treacy.

“This report shows that LSPs are doing vital work with clubs and groups ensuring that structures are in place to allow people across the LSP target groups to participate in sport.”

Sport Ireland Director of Participation and Ethics, Dr. Una May, concluded that “One of the key aims of Sport Ireland is increasing participation across every age group and from all social backgrounds throughout Ireland.”

“This report highlights the great work by the LSPs in removing barriers that hinder participation in sport and physical activity.”

“Sport Ireland, through the Local Sports Partnership network, will continue to take a strategic approach with regard to programme delivery, continuing to place a strong emphasis on monitoring and evaluation of the programmes delivered.”

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