Sponsor Spotlight – Littlewoods Ireland

It has been a wonderful summer of Hurling and on the eve of the All Ireland Final between Galway and Limerick Sport for Business caught up with each of the Championship sponsors to see what the year has been like for them…

First up we spoke to Pippa Doyle of Littlewoods Ireland…

How has 2018 been for you as a sponsor?

The 2018 season has been fantastic. It’s been jam-packed full of thrilling matches, so for Littlewoods Ireland, as sponsors, we couldn’t ask for anything better.

We’ve once again seen the hurling championship blown wide open, which is brilliant for the fans. Limerick haven’t been in an All-Ireland final since 2007, and Galway are going for two-in-a-row so it’s a real treat for hurling fans, and that very much includes all of us.

The increased number of matches afforded us more opportunities to engage with hurling fans, and we’ve really enjoyed that.

Hurling has had a golden summer in terms of games and glory. How does that reflect on the brand?

We’re delighted with this summer of hurling, and with the game getting such well-deserved attention it reflects very positively on us as a brand.

We’ve seen significant increases in engagement levels on our hurling-related content on social media, and larger numbers entering our competitions. We’re very proud to be a title sponsor of the Senior Hurling Championship. 

Did the shorter but more intense season work for you? 

We are only in the second year of the sponsorship so we didn’t feel that the new format would bring too much change for us.

The shorter season did alter our campaign timeline slightly, but we feel that it actually worked better for us.

 In Littlewoods Ireland, come September we look ahead to winter and Christmas, so the timing of the new championship couldn’t be better.

What activation plans do you have for Sunday? 

We have our Littlewoods Ireland Ultimate Croke Park Sleepover happening on Saturday night, so we’re really excited about that.

Then on Sunday, we will be hosting a pre-match event in the stadium with 100 of our customers. It’s a family friendly event so there will be lots of entertainment elements, including food and of course fashion.

We will have a Q&A session with past players from Limerick and Galway for all the adults in the room, and fun activities such as a selfie mirror for all the kids. Stay tuned to our social channels to keep up to date on all the fun.

The winners of our Style My Wall competition will be joining us at the pre-match event as well. Park/Ratheniska GAA club in Laois were our worthy winners. They received a bespoke graffiti design for their club hurling wall and a €5,000 donation from Littlewoods Ireland.

Can you give me a prediction on how you think the game will go?

As sponsors, we’re remaining neutral. Both teams have fought hard to be here and we know it will be a serious clash of the ash!

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Image Credits: Sportsfile and Alf Harvey

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