Sponsor Spotlight – TG4 and Ladies Football

TG4 are not only the broadcast partner of Sunday’s All Ireland Ladies Footbal Final but also the sponsor.

It has been that way for almost two decades and there is little doubt that the success of the past number of years has been down to the strong foundations put in place throughout the partnership.

“TG4 came on board in 2001 and the success of the last number of years has been a long road but a very fruitful one for both of us,” said Head of Sport Rónán O Coisdealbha speaking to Sport for Business this week.

“Back then there was one game a year televised, this year we have shown 25 games live from the Championship, the Lidl National Leagues, the O’Connor Cup and the Club Championships.”

“It has been brilliant and last year was very special with over 50,000 in the stadium.”

“And yet we have not got to the top of the mountain by any stretch.”

“There is still huge potential to increase the number of fans, the number of players and the reach of the sport.”

“On Saturday night we will have a special show with presenter Gráinne McElwain visiting communities around the country with teams competing across sunday’s three finals.”

“It’s a great show and it came together very quickly with the help of our partners Nemeton. We had planned to have a live show from here in the stadium but the small matter of a replay for the Men’s Final put that to rest and we had to shuffle. That’s just what you do and the results have been great.”

Whispers emanating from the ticket office suggest that this year’s numbers will be massive again. Fears that the replay on Saturday might take away from the game are likely to be proved wrong and the base for ladies Football has now reached a point where people want to be there.

If dublin win on Saturday, there will likely be another surge. Sure where would a Dublin fan rather be and with prices at €25 for adults and €10 for students, juveniles and OAP’s, it’s some offering for three All Ireland Finals.

“We will be broadcasting all three games live through the afternoon and it will also be going out live around the world on the TG4 player.”

“Nemeton and TVM will be here with us on Sunday and it is a major operation. We will have as many cameras as we can and there will be a very active social media team as well.”

“We’ll have 12 camera positions around the ground and probably a team of around 65 people bringing the action to our audience.”

“We have broadcast more games this year on live streaming, including the Cork Dublin semi final in the League from Nowlan Park and the numbers we are getting from these new streaming channels are very significant.”

“They are in addition to the 25 games on linear and an area of huge growth.”

The quality of the broadacsts that TG4 on streaming have to be of the highest standard.

“We are very conscious of our brand and the expectation that it will be to a high standard.

“Nemeton won the contract to produce our work last year and the technology we are using across the board is on a par with what we would be sending out from Croke Park on Sunday. It’s more costly but it’s worth it.”

If you can get there on Sunday then you should. But if you can’t, TG4 will bring you as close to the action as you could imagine.

They are in it for the long term as well having extended the partnership with Ladies Football in 2018 through to 2022.

It will be a special day no matter where you are watching from.

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Image Credits: Tommy Dickson, Inpho.ie

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