Sponsorship in the Sunshine

Triathlon in the sunEven in Ireland the sun shines occasionally and with sport predominantly taking place outdoors, a new sponsorship deal signed by British Triathlon is interesting in terms of how relationships can be formed around very specific areas.

P20, a once a day sun protection brand has signed as an official supplier to the sports Governing body and will use the endorsement in promotions on supermarket and chemist shelves across the country.

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[ismember]Most sales will be to people who might never dream of competing in a triathlon but the shorthand message the deal sends out is that this is a sun protection brand that can be seen as water resistant, and will likely not need to be reapplied time and time again.

From the sports perspective it has brought in a commercial partner that will deliver sampling and product at key events over the course of the summer and promote the sport in areas that it would not normally reach.

The benefit is similar to that enjoyed by the GAA and Swim Ireland through placement on packs of Kellogg’s breakfast cereal and it should be noted that for smaller sports in particular, the presence of each new relevant commercial partner can open the door up to others.

The products themselves are smartly packaged in 200 ml and travel friendly 100ml for those increasing number who only take hand luggage on flights to avoid the additional charges.

Triathlon Ireland has two overall sponsors in Vodafone and Europcar as well as a clutch of specialist service and equipment partners from Kinetica to Base2Race and Amphibian King.

The best commercial partnerships are the ones that have a clear measurable benefit for both sides.  They do not have to be worth a fortune, just to be of value.[/ismember]


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