Sport for Business Live Meeting – Social Distancing

Our next Live session for Sport for Business Members will take place this coming Thursday morning, May 7th and will be looking together at the issues facing sport with regard to maintaining social distancing.

The online meeting will be limited to 30 Members to enable the dynamics of hosting a conversation across companies and sports.

We will use a main room for an introduction to the main themes then break into smaller rooms for more detailed discussion around key themes and then return for a sense of what we might be able to do together to make this work to best effect.

Among the themes we will be looking at are:

* The balance between getting it right and maintaining the essence of sport;
* Where to take our guidance and advice in terms of getting plans in place;
* The policing of policies;
* The communication of them across the widest sporting reach;
* Should sports ‘go it alone’ or should there be a collective approach;
* Other key areas between kids and adults, contact and non-contact, players and coaches or whatever you want to bring to the table.

Registration for this Sport for Business virtual meeting is open now for Member organisations by clicking this link.

We would ask initially that organisations take only two places at most in order to allow the widest possible range of participants and voices.

Meeting log in details will be sent out on the morning of the 7th.

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