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Today we take a look at Nemeton TV, the biggest independent sports production company in Ireland and the team behind so much of what we see in terms of sporting action on screen and increasingly online.


Nemeton TV started out in a small temporary office with a microphone and one computer over 20 years ago.

It has since grown to become Ireland’s biggest media production company and a finalist in the Established Sports Business category of the Sport Industry Awards.

“The company was built on the foundation stone of a love for sport, and a passion to share the magic and the stories of sport with as wide an audience as possible,” said Founder Irial Mac Murchú.  “That is the passion that still drives us today.”

Humble beginnings

Founded by Mac Murchú in 1994, Nemeton TV first entered public consciousness producing Olé Olé, the pioneering coverage of Spanish football on TG4 or TnaG as it was in those early days.

Producing television in the 1990’s was a world away from what it is today.  There was no video streaming, no online uploading, and hardly a mobile phone in sight.

For the three-person team, every Monday was a stressful race back from Spain with tapes and a deadline to meet to be on air before Sky Sports and Eurosport.

From those humble beginnings, Nemeton now employs 50 people full-time and produces more sports content on a weekly basis than any other production company in Ireland.

Each week the broadcast team delivers live Guinness PRO12, AIB Club Championships, Allianz Leagues, Ladies Gaelic Football, boxing, racing and Champions Cup rugby to an average of well over half a million people every weekend, 52 weeks of the year.

Game changer

But TV content is now only a part of Nemeton’s business. The growth of online video has offered a whole new way of doing business, and the company has been a key driver of the sports video marketplace in Ireland.

Nemeton now also specialises in online content for brands like AIB, Bord Gáis and Aer Lingus, as well as organisations like the GAA, Guinness PRO12 and LGFA.

Among recent successes online were a profile of Tipp football star Michael Quinlivan for AIB and an online promotional film for the beginning of the new Guinness PRO12 season, both of which proved to be huge Facebook hits.

Outside the box

Based in the stunning Gaeltacht of An Rinn in West Waterford, Nemeton’s unique location provides a very different perspective for staff and clients alike.

Creative brainstorming often happens on a beach, and the only delays on the commute are a stop for another scenic photo or a herd of cows crossing the road.

Satellite technology

26 April 2015; TG4 at the Allianz Football League Finals. Croke Park, Dublin. Picture credit: Ramsey Cardy / SPORTSFILE *** NO REPRODUCTION FEE ***

In 2001 the company started its own satellite technology company.

“As content producers, we realised we needed a more reliable way of getting our content to where it needs to go – the viewers,” added Mac Murchú.

“Today, DigiSat is the biggest provider of uplinks in Ireland. Not only do our satellite dishes uplink our own content from stadia all over the country, but we provide the uplinks for Sky Sports, RTÉ, BBC and a host of other international broadcasters.”

“If you are watching sport coming from somewhere in Ireland, no matter where in the world you are, there is a good chance one of our team is sending it to you.”

The Next Generation

Like everyone else, Nemeton is working on offering the best sports content in the best format for the next generation of audiences.

In developing archive services and online TV channels it is continually adapting its models to meet the increasing demands of an audience that still wants to see as much sport as possible.

“Like our viewers, we are sports fans first and foremost, and we can’t wait for the next big game,” said Mac Murchú.

Nemeton will soon be launching it’s new website at

Nemeton is a regular attendee at Sport for Business gatherings and events will be part of our new Members’ Media Group forming early in 2017.

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