Sport for Business Super Quiz – Dublin City Council Vs Core Sponsorship

The fifth tie in the round of 16 of the Sport for Business Super Quiz takes place this morning with Dublin City Council going up against Core Sponsorship for a place in the Quarter-Finals.

Each of the four contests to date has been dramatic with single answers determining the outcome in a number of the contests.

There are eight rounds covering sport, culture, general knowledge, history and more with each round led off by a ‘big number’ question.

The format which we developed for this competition has worked out really well in providing competition, the od. bit of a laugh and one or two ‘kick yourself moments.

Each of the ties lasts for around 40 minutes.

If you would like to join as a guest and try out your own skills or even just grab some original questions for quizzes you might be hosting between family and friends, there are worse ways to spend your elevenses.

Register to join us in our live virtual audience here.

The first question will be thrown in at 11 AM this morning and registration is open until 1055.

The show will also be uploaded to the Sport for Business website here later on today.

Teneo and Pundit Arena,  Legacy Communications and RTÉ Sport have made it through so far.  Who will join them later today?

The Super Quiz has proven to be a very popular addition to the Sport for Business calendar.

Here is what happened in the most recent tie…



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“Fair play you are doing a brilliant job of keeping us all informed and motivated”


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