Sport for Business Super Quiz – OTB Sports Vs GAA

It was billed as the tie of the round and we now bring you the clash of OTB Sports and the GAA in all its gory glory.

From the number of cricketers representing Sri Lanka to a 1944 Baseball World Series and Steve McQueen acting to type in Cool Hand Luke, this was a tough round but with some great answers from the two teams.

Going into the final round it was still all to play for but who would get closest to saying how many different countries had won medals at the World Rowing Championships…

There is one more Quarter Finalist to be determined on Friday when 2Into3 take on Wilson Hartnell.

The Draw for the Quarter Finals then will take place on Monday morning and be broadcast here on Sport for Business at 11 AM

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“Fair play you are doing a brilliant job of keeping us all informed and motivated”

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