Sport for Business Super Quiz – Semi Final Draw

We are at the Final Four stage of the Sport for Business Super Quiz and we were joined for the semi final draw this morning by representatives from each of the teams RTÉ Sport, Pundit Arena, Teneo and 2Into3.

We learned that Jim McMahon of RTÉ Sport has a memory that was worthy of appearing on a BBC documentary some years back, and there was a little bit of good natured gamesmanship from the team representatives, setting the scene nicely for the penultimate stage.

The two semi finals will take place on Wednesday morning, July 8th with the Grand Final on the following week.

If you want to drop by and take a look at the quizzes as they go out live tomorrow, you can register to attend and watch at the links below.

Pundit Arena Vs Teneo 1015 Start Wednesday July 8th Password: 417121

RTÉ Sport Vs 2Into3 1145 Start Wednesday July 8th  Password 360265

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