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Our weekly poll of Sport for Business Members and readers this week looks at the level of optimism around the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland’s chances of qualification for the UEFA Euro 2020 Finals, and at which issue you think may cause the most trouble for the FAI when they appear before the Oireachtas Committee on Transport, Tourism and Sport.

after the first 24 hours, one-third of those who replied were optimistic about the Republic of Ireland’s chances, and 22 per cent were the same about Northern Ireland’s prospects.

You can’t do more than win your first two games though and we will keep the poll open for another day to see if there is any change.

In relation to the issue, you feel will cause the FAI the most grief in front of the Oireachtas Committee, that of general governance is seen as more potentially troublesome than either of the John Delaney specific questions of the €100,000 bridging loan and his new role.

It will only take a minute to give us your thoughts and all answers are anonymous.

It’s to give us a snapshot on what you think about football in Ireland at the moment and we will publish the results later in the week.

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