Sport Gains €4.5 Million from Dormant Accounts

The Government has announced the detailed distribution of €4.5 Million in investment from Dormant Accounts Funding across 2019.

This money is in addition to the core funding and high performance funding which will be announced in early 2019 by Sport Ireland.  It will be spread across a wide range of National Governing Bodies and Local Sports Partnerships.

The investment will be administered by Sport Ireland and is aimed at engaging with local communities across the country, with a special emphasis on people with disabilities, people who are educationally disadvantaged and from disadvantaged communities.

“I am delighted to announce almost €4.5 million in funding for sport and physical activity measures through the Dormant Accounts Fund,” said Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross.

“In line with the new National Sports Policy, this funding will support our Local Sports Partnerships and National Governing Bodies in the delivery of a comprehensive programme of initiatives under the National Physical Activity Plan.”

“My Department is working together with Sport Ireland, the Local Sports Partnerships and National Governing Bodies for Sport to ensure that the programme of initiatives resulting from this funding is inclusive, accessible and regionally balanced.”

“Sport is vital for the growth of community and social cohesiveness in disadvantaged areas, and investment in the young people in these areas has long-term benefits both for their own health and for their engagement in society generally,” added Minister of State for Sport Brendan Griffin.

“The investment being announced today not only means that some of the successful programmes implemented over the last three years can be continued, it also allows for new initiatives and investment in disadvantaged communities.”

“The programmes which will be implemented as a result of this funding will contribute significantly to the health and well-being of individuals and communities at a local level around the county.”

Communications and Promotion

The largest single amount revealed yesterday is €375,000 towards the development and roll out of an annual evidence based communication and promotion campaign to highlight the benefits of physical activity on a national basis.  This will ‘feature case studies and collaboration to encourage take up of sport and physical activity opportunities within local areas.’

It is always important to tell the story of what you are doing as well as actually doing it and ring fencing money towards this is to be welcomed.  The amount involved will not include TV advertising, the production costs alone for which cost the Road Safety Authority three times that total amount in 2017.  Nevertheless in a digital world there are plenty of other ways to get the message across.

CARA who last month revealed details of the new Disability Charter for organisations which Sport for Business has already signed up to, will receive €170,000 to extend the scope of its work in promoting physical activity for those with disability.

Graduate Employment

€250,000 is being made available to National Governing Bodies for the employment on a fixed term basis of Graduates who it is hoped will gather the required experience to forge a career in the sports sector.

Among those to currently benefit from this investment are Badminton Ireland, Volleyball Ireland, Swim Ireland, Rowing Ireland, triathlon Ireland and the irish Wheelchair Association.

21 Local sports partnerships will get grants for volunteer training and support programmes ranging in size from €9,000 to €15,000 while money will also be distributed to be targeted at Youth Leadership development in the same areas.

Almost €1.1 million will be available to further develop the concept of Community Sports and Physical Activity Hubs with new facilities planned for Cavan, Tyrrelstown, Leitrim, Navan and Waterford in addition to 26 existing hubs across the country.

€100,000 each has been earmarked for Athletics Ireland, Swim Ireland and Cycling Ireland to deliver on the Get Ireland Running, Swimming and Cycling programmes as part of the National Physical Activity Plan.  There will also be €90,000 for the Get Ireland Walking Plan.

A total of 23 National Governing Bodies will receive funding from the Dormant Accounts scheme to support their work under the National Physical Activity Plan.  The top amount of €45,000 will go to Irish Sailing, Rowing Ireland, Special Olympics, Tennis Ireland, Triathlon Ireland and the Irish Wheelchair Association.  €35,000 will go to Badminton Ireland, Basketball Ireland and Mountaineering Ireland with lesser amounts from €30,000 to €10,000 for Vision Sports Ireland, Gymnastics Ireland, Volleyball Ireland, Horse Sport Ireland, the FAI and others.

Outdoor Adventure

One other interesting development that is being backed with further funding of €441,000 is the second phase of development of Urban Outdoor Adventure Hubs being run by 13 Local Sports Partnerships.

The overall money will be on top of the money distributed to Local Sports Partnerships under Sport Ireland Core Funding which in 2018 totalled a little over €6 Million.

“Sport Ireland is delighted with the announcement of this substantial funding towards the important sport and physical activity interventions in the community,” said Sport Ireland Chairman Kieran Mulvey.

“The aim of the Community Sport and Physical Activity Hubs is to bring local people together and provide a home for local clubs and sports organisations. Supported by Sport Ireland’s network of Local Sports Partnerships, these hubs will provide information, support and advice on a wide range of sports and physical activities and make it easier for people to get involved and engage in a more active and healthier lifestyle”.

“Sport Ireland places a premium on ensuring everyone has an opportunity to partake in sport no matter what their circumstance and the Dormant Accounts Fund is assisting us in realising that ambition,” added CEO John Treacy.

“It is particularly welcome to see a range of new projects developed, which will have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of local communities. Programmes such as the new Physical Literacy and Fundamental Movement Skills initiative and the additions to the Coaching Development Programme for Ireland will make sport and physically activity more accessible to more people.”

Sport Ireland Director of Participation and Ethics, Dr. Una May, highlighted the impact of the projects funded to date.

“Collaborative initiatives across the sports sector and capacity building programmes such as the Dublin North East Inner City Project and Coaching Young People project, along with other initiatives such as the Urban Outdoor Adventure programme and the Youth Leadership programme, have increased the opportunities for participation at a local level.”

“These initiatives are driven by local community leaders and groups meaning that all programmes are highly targeted and contribute to building the capacity of communities. The results have been impressive and this new raft of funding will allow us to keep developing opportunities, offering a significant return on investments.”



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