Sport in Our Schools – Getting the Balance

Last week we attended the PExpo at Dublin City University and saw at first hand the intelligent thought that students can put into sporting projects that exercise the mind as well as the body.

Tomorrow we will take a look in greater detail at the project which emerged as the winner of the inaugural Sport for Business Award at the event as well as at the imaginative way that a south Dublin school is promoting, to their peers, the fact that they are playing in an All Ireland Schools Camogie final tomorrow afternoon.

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This weekend the Schools Rugby season comes to its traditional climax and all around us, there are examples of the importance of sport.

Our eye was caught this morning by a feature written by the ever-excellent Michael Moynihan in the Irish Examiner newspaper where he has interviewed Clive Byrne of the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals on the subject of sport in our schools.

It is a perceptive piece from the word go with Byrne highlighting the significant difference between schools who are committed to elite competition and those for whom the emphasis is on regular participation.

“The inclusion of PE as a subject is great as long as there’s an investment in the gyms and equipment necessary to do it properly,” says Byrne in the article.

“The dilemma is always that we have too many schools. If we had fewer schools which were a little bit bigger you could invest more in equipment and so on. But between investment in PE, the recognition that people can take a subject for the leaving cert that they have good talent in — that’s a good thing. The renewed emphasis on wellness and wellbeing will stand us in good stead.”

It is well worth a read and you can look at the full article here.

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