Sport Stars on Board for Egg Day

Limerick hurler Cian Lynch and Ireland Hockey World Cup Finalist Nikki Evans have both been signed up by Board Bia to promote World Egg Day this Friday as part of the Bord Bia Quality Assured Eggs Campaign.

They join food blogger and fitness instructor Roz Purcell on the basis they have had a ‘cracking’ year in 2018.

Almost 600 Million eggs were sold in Ireland in the last year, which represents a 5.3 per cent increase on the previous year, helped in part we assume from the association they had with the O’Donovan Brothers after their Olympic success.

“I am absolutely obsessed with eggs,” said Nikki Evans. “They are my go-to meal option for my busy schedule. I am delighted to team up with Bord Bia today to highlight the versatility and nutritional value of eggs – it’s great to get the opportunity to tell the nation that eggs are not only for breakfast, but they’re also perfect for lunch and dinner too.”

“Whether you’re preparing for an evening training session after a busy day at work, or you’ve just come off the field from a gruelling match; all you want is something easy and quick to prepare – that is also good for you,” added Lynch.

“Eggs are a great option for us athletes who are consistently training and keeping up with our busy personal and work schedules.”

We can expect to see activity promoting the campaign on Lynch’s and Evans’ social media accounts over the coming days.

Young athletes do provide good role model status for campaigns and Lynch has 16,000 Instagram followers. That pales by comparison though to Purcell who has 231,000 followers.

It perhaps needs to be a key part of their post game training to boost their social profiles so that their influence in that sphere can match that in the real world.


Image Credit: Dan Sheridan,

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