Sporting Strategy Views Sought

Sport Ireland is seeking input to its strategic planning for 2018-22.

It is the statutory organisation for promoting sport in Ireland and the channel through which Government funding is distributed to National Governing Bodies, athletes and sports participation programmes.

As such it is a key player in how sport is seen and promoted and has an obvious influence on Government investment as well as a role in how that is distributed.

The Government itself sought submissions for the National Policy of Sport which is currently being pulled together for publication later this year.

The strategic planning for Sport Ireland will be more tactical and run over five rather than ten years but as ever, the consultation period allows the many smart minds working in and around sport to make a contribution and have a say.

The Government consultation drew around 50 responses, including from Sport for Business and while time is always an issue, the ability to shape policy and express an intelligent view on how sport can be organised should never be overlooked.

We wil be submitting our views and will publish them here ahead of the deadline for submission on Friday, May 19th.

Views are being sought across seven key themes ranging from culture and capacity to participation and collaboration.

The consultation document can be read here and if you have a view or an opinion on how sport is organised in this country, or on how that might be improved for the greater good then now is the time to put your hand up.


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