Sports Broadcasting on You Tube

IRB total rugbyThe world of sports broadcasting continues to change at breakneck speed.  On the day after a one sided Superbowl delivered the fifth highest TV ratings in the events history on mainstream TV, it was announced that You Tube is to partner with Engage Sports Media on developing more multi sports channel programming on its own platform.

Engage works with a number of sporting partners including the International Rugby Board in Dublin to produce digital, non live broadcast and audio content around major sporting events and ideas.
The business helps sports rights holders to produce rights cleared video content that works effectively on channel platforms such as YouTube, optimizing it for maximum audience and commercial benefit.“Sports rights holders want to make YouTube work effectively as part of their content mix,” said Gregg Oldfield, CEO of Engage Sports Media. “Its global scale means that the opportunity to launch a sports-specific network, to help our clients manage their direct-to-consumer channels effectively, has now emerged”.

“We have seen YouTube multi-channel-networks established that have launched a lot of cross-genre channels.  These are designed to build as many views as possible. However, as sports is so popular on YouTube, and with such complex rights and sponsor situations, it makes sense for Engage to launch itself as a specialized sports network.  Our aim is to maximize the benefit to the sports right holder at club, league, federation or athlete level.  ESM has also put in place a multi-platform distribution system and will focus on audience development, channel management and viewing optimization”.

Stephen Nuttall, Senior Director at YouTube said: “We are delighted to add Engage Sports Media as one of our MCN partners. We look forward to working closely with them to grow fan engagement with their premium sports clients and owned channels”.

Broadcast rights in live sport remain at a huge premium, offering one of the few forms of mass entertainment that people will not watch on time shift.  This improves the value of the  broadcast sponsorship and advertising deals.
The move towards creating specialist content that includes highlights and behind the scenes material is rising in value alongside this and the internet and you tube will be the primary platform through which the growth expands.
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