Sports Capital 2018 Due Next Month

A new round of Sports Capital Funding is expected to be announced as early as next month and is likely to be worth at least €25 million for projects around the country.

Since 1998 the amount given over to the development of sporting infrastructure at local level has come in at just under €1 billion and Minister for Sport Brendan Griffin is looking forward to breaching that figure in 2018.

“We are hoping to publish our ten-year strategy for Sport in Ireland in the next few weeks,” he said launching the Irish Sports Monitor in Dublin.

“A lot of work has gone into this and it is something we want to get full buy-in from across the sector and the country.”

“We also hope to publish details of the next round of the Sports Capital Programme.”

“An important change this time around will be to give people a chance not to fall short on technicalities. The number of invalid applications has fallen to 20 percent but we still want that to go lower and not to fall on minor infractions of the guidelines.”

“There is already an advantage given to applications from areas of social disadvantage and we want to bring that to the fore as well.”

“We currently use the Pobal social disadvantage index but we are looking at other indicators as well and we want it to be as fair as possible and to give money to communities for whom without it there is no chance of alternative provision of facilities.”

“This programme is of huge benefit to communities and clubs. Getting it wrong in a small way can lead to real strife in clubs among volunteers who might have given their lives to a club but who are judged on something which could simply be put right and unlock money for their ambitions.”

“It’s a great programme which has created a real legacy. We want it to be as fair as possible and give everyone a chance to benefit.”

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Image Credit: Bryan Keane, Inpho Photography

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