Sports Impact Monitor Wave 3 – Emerging Opportunities

It has been around in a variety of forms for over a decade but there is a real sense that the moment has arrived for live streaming.

The third wave of the Sport for Business Onside Sports Impact Monitor is published today and delivers over 30 pages of fascinating insight on where we are as a sector.

One of the questions was around what sponsors, rights holders, agencies and media viewed as the most likely way in which brands would look to get involved with fans who are no longer able to watch live sport in stadia.

The survey was again completed by over 100 of Ireland’s leading sponsors, agencies and sporting organisations.  Each of those who completed the survey has received a full copy of the report.

If you are an existing or potential member who values research and will contribute to future waves, please contact and we will provide further information.

The vivid attraction of other forms of engagement through esports. social media and digital has waned since April, as has the attraction of virtual gatherings though all are still seen as things worth being involved in.

The interest in live streaming though has risen by 16 per cent and is now seen as a significant opportunity by 60 per cent.


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