Sports Impact Monitor Wave 3 – The Challenges Ahead

The challenges that our Sport for Business members fear the most in the return to sport is the impact of potential future lockdowns.

In a quantitative sense, there is a feeling that we have gotten through the most major shock to the system that we could have imagined.

The prospect of additional disruption, on top of fatigue and depleted financial resources, is seen as very likely by 39 per cent of respondents and quite likely by another 46 per cent.

The prospect of reduced spend in activating sponsorship is now up 13 per cent as a likely problem since we asked the previous questions in June.  These were taken account of in the last week of August and the first week of September.

The third wave of the Sport for Business Onside Sports Impact Monitor is published today and delivers over 30 pages of fascinating insight on where we are as a sector.

The survey was again completed by over 100 of Ireland’s leading sponsors, agencies and sporting organisations.  Each of those who completed the survey has received a full copy of the report.

If you are an existing or potential member who values research and will contribute to future waves, please contact and we will provide further information.


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