Sports Impact Monitor Wave 3 – The Return of Fans

The third wave of the Sport for Business Onside Sports Impact Monitor is published today and delivers over 30 pages of fascinating insight on where we are as a sector.

The survey was again completed by over 100 of Ireland’s leading sponsors, agencies and sporting organisations.

We tested levels of optimism and confidence across a number of areas.  We asked where sponsors were in terms of continued partnerships, how they will activate and what the future might look like.

One of the most relevant questions was around the expectation of fans getting back into stadia.  The answers will come as a cold shock to those expecting a quick resolution.

The largest single vote on how many will be present in 2020, up to and including for the Guinness Six Nations, Heineken Cup, and the All Ireland Finals, is 46 per cent who believe there will be less than 25 per cent attendance.

Only 2 per cent of respondents believed we would have more than three-quarters of a stadia filled.

The stark reality or at least the perception among those who want it to happen quicker is that 52 per cent believe it will require a vaccine before we get to anything like what was the accepted norm a year ago.

One third think it will be 2022 at least before we get back to more than half a full house

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