Stadium Opens Up to eSports

Stadia are continually looking for ways to expand their use and reach and Twickenham has taken a step into the future that could prove an inspiration for Croke Park or the Aviva Stadium in years to come.

Both of our leading stadia have proven adept at hosting multiple sports and entertainment events as well as conferences and expos.

Twickenham though has signed a deal to become the home of leading British esports team, Excel.

Excel competes in the League of Legends European Championship (LEC), far from the idea many have of eSports as being FIFA or a golf, basketball or NFL simulation.

League of Legends is about fantasy and empire building. The essence of competition is the same as in more traditional ideas of sport though and the two have come closer together with the new home.

It is similar to the European model where a club like Barcelona, PSG or Bayern Munich will have multiple sports playing under the same banner.

Twickenham id the Headquarters for Rugby Union and occasional host of NFL games but its first resident team will be Excel whose team of ten players and management support will now be based at the stadium to the south west of London.

The space will include two dedicated team practice rooms, known as scrim rooms, a ten-person solo practice and streaming room, a studio and space for Excel’s in-house media team. In keeping with the modern trend for workplace efficiency and wellbeing, there will be hot-desking space for visitors, a chill-out space, full kitchen facilities and meals provided for the League of Legends roster.

“Working with the team at Twickenham Stadium opens us up to a great breadth of commercial expertise,” said Excel Managing Director Kieran Holmes.

“What’s more, aligning our brand with this prestigious stadium gives us credibility with a wider audience of people. This collaboration will expand our commercial offering and move us forward to establishing ourselves as a top tier esports brand within Europe.”

“At Twickenham, we’re always looking for new ways to grow our non-match day side of the business to make the best use of the enhanced facilities at the stadium and encourage more dynamic and creative use of our spaces,” added Debbie Neilson, Business Development Manager at the stadium.

“Excel’s new HQ at Twickenham allows us to explore and learn about the rapidly growing esports industry from both a live events angle and a team perspective. Both parties are extremely excited about collaborating together to bring the best of sports and esports together.”


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