Strong Reaction to Armstrong for One Zero

Lance Armstrong 19/7/2009There has been a strong reaction to the news we broke yesterday that Lance Armstrong is coming to Dublin next month to speak at the inaugural One Zero Conference in the RDS.

Sport for Business is one of the groups involved in creating the event which promises to be the most energising sports conference ever held in Ireland, and indeed a lot further afield.

Already confirmed to speak on the day include the Head of Innovation and Technology with the US Olympic Committee Mounir Zok who will be speaking in Europe for the first time after Team USA’s massive success in Rio.

Passionate advocate for ethics in sport Jaimie Fuller will be flying in from Australia to share his thoughts on where the world of sporting behaviour and governance is in 2016 and how it is at a major crossroads with upheaval at FIFA, the IOC and other major bodies.

The rapidly changing world of media will be addressed by senior figures from Sky Sports, Eurosport and Bleacher Report adding an true international flavour to the day.

Leading figures from the world of eSports, the fastest growing area of engagement in sport but still a mystery to many will gather to discuss where the movement is going and there is a strong global panel on sports investment featuring the people who are putting their money into the world of sporting start ups.

Armstrong has dominated coverage though on the first day of ticket sales with strong reaction from online commentators. Many have condemned the fact that he will be in Dublin but many more have said that they want to be in a position to listen and learn in what will be his only European engagement for the rest of this year.

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