Style of Play Gets Serious

Littlewoods Ireland has released the third in its series of player interviews as part of its sponsorship of the All Ireland Hurling Championship.

The last is certainly the most powerful with Galway’s Conor Whelan talking about his start in the sport but quickly switching to memories of his first idol, and first cousin, Niall Donohue, who committed suicide in 2013.

The platform which players have to reach out and help others is acknowledged in the video as is the perseverance to get through the many challenges that life has to offer.

The video is released on the same day as the first in the GPA’s Players Voice series with fellow Galway forward Conor Cooney, also published this morning on Sport for Business.

Sunday’s All Ireland semi final replay between Galway and Clare was nerve wracking for all but must have been especially so for the teams behind the two videos…

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