Subway Back for More with Basketball Ireland

Subway and Basketball Ireland have launched the fourth year of their partnership on the Subway All Ireland Schools Cup.

The partnership was originally penned in the summer of 2015  and sees the brand activate across a tournament that brings 5,000 players from 300 schools together in competition.

Subway has almost as many outlets across the country and uses the competition as a means of forging connection at local level as well as for national branding.

The US feel to the brand and the sport is a good fit and Basketball is strongly positioned offering involvement in this tournament from almost half the secondary schools in Ireland.

The competition culminates in a week of finals at the National Basketball Arena in Dublin in January.

Sport for Business is partnering with PEXPO2019 in a special way of bringing physical education and the idea of sport as a subject and a career for secondary school students.  For more details on this initiative click here.


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