Super Quiz Round One – Teneo Vs Leopardstown

It was opening night for the Sport for Business Super Quiz and there were bound to be a few nerves.

In the end it was a tighter contest than it looked like it might be at half time.

Mick O’Keeffe was joined by Conor Brophy and Peter Sweeney on the Teneo team and John Lyons called upon David Attwood and Declan Healy to represent Leopardstown Racecourse.

There were a few laughs along the way, and Declan’s knowledge of lyrics was a joy to behold. We can’t vouch for whether it would have been as good if he’d been singing.

Mick’s guesstimate of the length of the Tour de France was slightly off beam, while Conor Brophy proved to be an early master of big and very big numbers.

Boris Johnson and Elon Musk made appearances, as did Michael Jordan and the legend that is Jimmy Keaveney.

But who, at the end of the day, emerged on top to take their place in the Quarter-Final?

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