Superbowl 2018 Reviewed

It was, as it almost is, a sporting and entertainment extravaganza. Last night’s SuperBowl in Minneapolis also lived up to the bill in terms of sporting drama producing an offence shoot out that produced the best and third best Quarterback passing figures in the 52 year history of the biggest game in American Football.

From a commercial perspective the NFL drawfs every other sport in the world.

The current TV rights deal is worth almost $40 Billion, nearly eight times the value of the English Premier League.

It’s a ten year deal which was signed with four different networks and runs through to 2022. How it compares to other major deals in TV sports rights can be seen here from our friends at Pledge Sports.

Sky Sports Coverage across the UK and Ireland last night, running over five hours until after 3.30 in the morning was sponsored by Subway.

There was a glitch in the network advertising programming which meant a blank screen on NBC for 30 seconds in some local markets where a local ad was supposed to have been played out.

According to the traditional social media buzz around the SuperBowl adverts, these were some of those  deemed to be big winners on the night.

And this strange one to our eyes at least advertising the claims of Scientology…


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