Sure Crunching Numbers in GAA

Did you know that Senior Championship Footballers are one percent more likely to score a free than their hurling counterparts but that shots are five percent more likely to raise a flag from play in the small ball game?

That makes sense when the average number of points in a game is 40.1, a third higher than football’s 29.3.

Statistics are an ever more integral part of how we play and consume sport and Sure, as Official Statistics Partner of the GAA, has announced the most comprehensive ever season of GAA statistics with new technology, more stats and greater analysis than ever before.

The partnership, which is now in its third year, was launched yesterday by Lee Chin from Wexford and Ciaran Kilkenny from Dublin.

Speaking to Sport for Business Kilkenny revealed that the number he looks out for most is the number of tackles he makes, indicative of Dublin’s all of game approach that a forward should be most engaged by his defensive responsibilities.

“It makes you work harder knowing that everything is measured and every team is using data during the game and at half time to see what we are doing right and what needs to be improved upon.”

This year there will be more head to head analysis and easy to digest infographics that explore and expose the numbers behind the performances.

“We are delighted to enter into the third year of our partnership with the GAA,” said Josh Plimmer, Brand Manager for Sure with Unilever.

“GAA fans are some of the most devoted in the world and we want to ensure they can enjoy and witness the games with the most innovative statistical information at their fingertips to help drive further conversation.”

“Our goal this year is to make the 2018 Championship even more exciting and engaging through bespoke and relevant stats.”

“Never in the history of our games have statistics and analysis been brought to bear more on the preparation of our teams,” added GAA President John Horan.

“A similar interest exists amongst those who follow and watch our games from the stands and terraces and of course those at home.”

“Whether you’re a player or a fan we are all students of the game and statistics are now a massive part of it. We are always looking for a competitive advantage and stats are now being used widely by team and management as a way of gaining that over the opposition,” according to Wexford star Lee Chin.

“It’s only right that fans are now being empowered with a deeper understanding of stats and I’m delighted to play a role as an ambassador for Sure.”

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Image Credit: Sam Barnes, Sportsfile

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