Sure Extends GAA Partnership

Sure has signed on to be the GAA’s Official Statistics partner for a further three years.

The news came yesterday as they launched their 2019 activation with brand ambassador Ciaran Kilkenny at the GAA National Centre of Excellence at the Sport Ireland National Sports Campus.

“The link between movement and deodorant meant that sport has always been an important element of Sure marketing,” said Unilever marketing Manager Karen Murphy speaking to Sport for Business yesterday.

“We are Ireland’s number one deodorant brand and when we went looking for a sporting partnership in Ireland the GAA was a natural fit.”

“Our recall figures have increased year on year throughout the relationship and the strong visual reference points through RTÉ coverage, in the stadium at Croke Park and through other media have been a real contributor to that.”

“Rob Carroll is our chief statistician bringing the data together in real time and it is the identification of key statistics that bring a greater understanding that is the core of what we want.”

“Across the summer it is the GAA that provides more ‘watercooler’ moments than any other and the kick out percentages of Stephen Cluxton have become a central part of that, alongside all the rest, every week.”

“Ahead of each weekend, we produce head to head numbers about some of the big matchups. This weekend it will focus on Tipperary against Limerick and we push those out in advance as well as tracking them live through the matches.”

“We work with key media including Jacqui Hurley, Nathan Murphy and Shane Stapleton so that we know what is appealing as well as just pushing what we think will work and those partnerships help to make it a richer experience.”

“Over the next three years, we want to explore ways in which we can make this work at grassroots level as well. The GAA’s campaign message of ‘Where we all belong’ is incredibly powerful and UK colleagues have been really impressed by how the GAA reaches into so many lives all on the basis of a volunteer sport.”

Image Credit: Sam Barnes, Sportsfile

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