Swim Ireland Leads Way with Gender Balance

Swim Ireland held its first ever virtual AGM on Saturday and laid down a marker for the future by passing a motion that will ensure gender balance of 60/40 on the company Board of Directors.

The motion was passed unanimously and sets a precedent for other sports to follow as the importance of gender equality continues to move from aspiration to reality in sporting circles.

The move is in keeping with good governance practice and ensures that the Board must consider the balance of gender as vacancies arise. ​

It is consistent with Action 32 of the Government’s National Sports Policy 2018-2027 which tasks National Governing Bodies (NGBs) with developing Equality Action Plans and setting gender diversity targets.

Swim Ireland was the first national governing body for sport to adopt the Voluntary Code of Governance, many years ago now and has always been to the forefront in this area.

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The new Board is made of of seven male and four female members (60/40) including the roles of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer; four regional representatives, two skill set directors (members) and two independent directors.

On of the new Directors to be appointed is Aidan McLaughlin who heads up Corporate and Brand Communications at Indeed, sponsors of the Olympic Federation of Ireland and an impressive speaker at our Sporting Year Ahead event at the Aviva Stadium back in January.

“It was fantastic to see so many members involved in the virtual AGM,” said Swim Ireland Chair Peter Conway. “It was a first for Swim Ireland, but a way of operating that we have all become accustomed to over the past four months.”

“We had great engagement and debate and I’m delighted that our membership voted in favour of all of the motions and overwhelmingly in favour of the gender balance motion, it is appropriate that our board is balanced and diverse.”

“The next step is to develop and launch a gender balance policy to our membership that can be implemented at club, regional as well as national level.”

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